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Is Listbuilding Dead?

Ohhh...It's one of those dramatic headlines that makes a big, bold statement to get your attention.
But could it be true?

riplistbuildingAfter all, every training you will ever see in the online marketing space tells you - very clearly - to go build lists.

Emails have been around since the internet began and are still the prime way for people to message each other. It doesn't matter how many apps you have on your smartphones, everybody still reads their emails and sends emails.

It is also still the primary route that businesses take to keep customers up to date (despite Gmail's best efforts to mess with this).

So what the dickens am I on about..."Listbuilding is dead"? Am I talking bollocks?

No. Email marketing is alive, well & thriving but times have changed. We, as marketers, need to spot those changes and incorporate them into our campaigns.

With the growth of social media, people are active on different platforms. We need to engage people through multiple channels if we want to be heard.

So instead of thinking about "list building", think instead about "audience building".

The best way to speak directly to your audience and generate sales will still be through personal emails. However, there are other tools out there now that will help your subscribers get to "know, like and trust" you.

Your business should include multiple access points...A blog, a Facebook page as a minimum and other social media if you well as your landing pages. By engaging your audience on different levels, not only are you more able to get your message across, but - more importantly - you are better able to know and understand who your audience are and what they want.

Newer tools, like live streaming, ramp up the connections even more.

So how does this work? Can this sort of engagement increase your income?

Absolutely. This year, my good friend, Andy Brocklehurst, has pruned his lists by thousands. At the same time he has been actively building audience engagement through is blog "vlog" posts, on (the now defunct) Blab and on Facebook. It is no co-incidence that he now finds himself at the top of many leaderboards and is making a shedload of extra cash in prize money every month.

Andy tests and tests and tests. He often revisits things that others say are finished and proves them wrong. When he finds something that helps him, he often shares the method and releases a product to help others replicate it.

We have actually joined up to make this offer - Something simple that you can use to extend your Facebook post reach and get more eyeballs on your Facebook page..

> Take a look at the offer here

So, the takeaway is...Continue to build your lists but think of the people on them as your audience - real people - and engage with them wherever you can.



5 Responses to “Is Listbuilding Dead?”

  1. Kerry

    I think you are living in the past. A few years ago this would have carried some weight, but today this strategy is long dead. Maybe not so if you are a major influencer, but for the average Joe, this really is not going to work. Maybe you should get out of 2013 and and look at video, it’s 2016 after all?

    It really bugs me that there are marketers peddling nonsense like this in this day and age.

    Just sayin.


    • Barry Rodgers

      Hi Kerry

      Thanks for your comments. I don’t think that engaging your subscribers in more ways than just via email is something from the past. By having multiple channels, your audience can access your content where they prefer (by opening an email, reading a Facebook post or Tweet or heading over to read a post on a blog). After all, we are speaking on a blog – something a lot of folks would say is “old school”

      With regard to increasing post reach, neither Andy or I are not “major influencers” on Facebook by any stretch of the imagination. We tested various types of post (both paid and organic) and the highest reach was using the exact type of image we put together for the pack.

      I agree with you that the best way to build a new Facebook audience is probably having a video which people will share a lot and buying video views ads. I have used this method and it works well. But in this case we were experimenting simply with what got us the best increase on the average post reach.

    • Andy Brocklehurst

      The problem isn’t living in the past, it’s believing that something is long dead when the evidence clearly shows otherwise.

      I am not a major influencer. My average post engagement before using this strategy was 14. Using this it’s over 400.

      Don’t be close minded and TEST things rather than blanket ruling them out. This is exactly why I still generate great leads from sources other marketers will tell you are dead.

      But you run along in your uninformed “grump” and while you do our customers will be boosting their engagement while you sit back and complain that you can’t find a method that works for you.

      Just sayin.


      • Andy Brocklehurst

        Just another addon note to this. I posted a non engagement post yesterday, so a normal blog post. Before doing the social engagement boosting I was getting maybe an engagement on blog links shared of 12 – 20. This one is already at 278 and climbing. I’ll be making a video walking through the proof and posting it soon.

  2. marc Gray

    Hi Barry and Andy,

    I have promoted both of your launches before! I hope that you are both well!?

    Came across this post by accident!

    @Kerry, what is the actual point that you are trying to make? Is it that list building is dead or that it is not? Also can you remind me what happened in 2013? I was around in the IM space then and can’t think of any crazy change?
    Are you simply trying to say in a rather rude way that video is better than FB or email?

    A very good point made by Andy is that we should keep testing and testing…I get to focused very regularly on running my full time online business and forget to do just that! I have recently started to use the boost post option on FB and have had some pretty great results especially now with using my retargeting pixel though have also wasted quite a bit as well!

    My plan for 2017 is to finally make it into eCom through Shopify so I will really need to brush up on my FB ads and post engagement!

    Anyway, enjoyed the post and comments though have no idea why people feel the need to be rude!

    My Best,



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