Why Do You Need Good Content?

The ongoing development of search engine technology as well as changes to downgrade substandard content in search results are forcing webmasters to re-evaluate the quality of content they publish. They need to ask a pertinent question. “What do I want an article to achieve?” If the answer to that is to get traffic and a …

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5iphon Hardcore – Update

A video update of the 5iphon system. Click here to check it out: http://safebuylink.com/5iphon.html

5iphon Hardcore. List Building on Steroids.

5iphon. The more I look at it the better it gets! Sometimes, in this business, you come across something that just gets inside your head. This has happened to me twice this week. Once with an idea and again with 5iphon. First was an idea for a massive offline/online training product. That will take months …

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Be a Video Boss…Without the Price Tag

  Video Slayer: Being a Video Boss without the enormous price tag First a little back story for all my new friends: You may or may not remember, but back in June, I sent a couple of e-mails out letting everyone know about a course which had been re-vamped and re-launched by an old buddy …

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New killer product from the team behind Profits Theme

I’m sure you own blogs, even if only one blog. Blogs are great tools for creating websites easily. More importantly, blogs have enabled us to share our knowledge and opinions easily with other people. But the thing with blogs is that there are too many distractions. I mean, if you try to build a list …

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Mobile sites are BIG business…You can cash in.

By 2013, it is estimated that more people will be visiting websites on mobile devices rather than PCs yet statistics show that only 1% of all .com, .net and .org domains currently have a mobile optimized version of their site. Hmmm…anyone see an opportunity? People don’t mess around…if they visit your site on a smart …

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Give Google What it Wants. Authority.

Authority Blogs…The Way Forward Once again there has been a totally amazing WSO launched which I need to let you know about. The reason I am excited about this new WSO is that it teaches you to do something that I have been saying for a while now. Don’t try to ‘game’ or outsmart Google …

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Naming for Dollars

Here is an interesting service which I have been having a little fun with recently. It could be that it is one of those sites where you could end up being both a contributor and a buyer as well. PickyDomains is a four year old service which helps people in naming their businesses. When I …

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Facebook + Video = Awesomesauce

Hey guys, I was blown away this morning by an amazing software application which has to win the prize for easiest and fastest to use to get such an incredible result. The software I am describing literally creates a fully functioning niche-related Video Fanpage on Facebook. Now, “Facebook” and “Video” are, perhaps the two big …

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Is Autoblogging Really Dead?

When ‘The Big G’ introduced its major algo changes a while back everyone said that it was the death of autoblogs. Also, there has been an understandable backlash against certain marketers peddling weak autoblog WordPress plug ins as a complete ‘push one button and money drops from heaven’ systems. The result of these two trends …

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