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Should You Consider Doing A Podcast?

There is a content medium that is smoking hot right now.   There’s nothing new about it – in fact, it pre-dates online video content – but what is new is the environment around it has changed.   Yes, we are talking podcasts. They were first known as “audioblogs” but only really took off in …

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Andy Jenkins On Productivity

Yesterday, I heard the news that Andy Jenkins had died. I had followed him when I was new in this business and learned a lot from him. He was an extraordinary guy… His background was in film and movie production and had something to do with Haxan Films (that made The Blair Witch Project). He …

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How To Make Professional Online Funnels- For Free!

When folks get started in online sales and marketing, often they are doing so because they need more money. At that stage “starting a business” is not what they are thinking. The wonderful thing about online marketing is that it is easy to have a go at to see if you enjoy it and get …

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Avoid Brick Walls

Most people who have been around the online marketing space for a while know the score.. They realise that they need to build an audience and, within that audience, they will find their customers. Within those customers they will find some loyal, repeat customers, many of whom will be spreading the word further as affiliates. …

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