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I get asked the question a great deal...

What would I do differently if I was starting my online business over again?

Well, you may have noticed that there are many different answers to that question - hence the "part 1" in the blog post title. This will be something that I will return to again in future posts.

The first thing is that I would be more organized.

As my business has evolved I have loads and loads of delivery sites each with their own membership areas, sales pages, upsell & downsell pages, JV pages etc etc.

I find it a PIA to keep on top of what is where. When there needs to be an update of my membership systems or the page builder I use, it is a problem.

Although it is not always possible or even desirable to deliver products in the same delivery site, one thing that would have made life a lot easier would have been to have all of the funnel pages in one place and easily accessed.  There have been products like Leadpages and Clickfunnels coming along to solve this. The only downside is that you are locked into a monthly fee...stop paying it & your funnels get nuked.

This would also have an effect on page load times - something that directly affects conversions especially with people visiting on mobile devices.

There is a new product just about to be launched at the time of writing that ticks all the boxes.

And, during the launch window, you can get lifetime access...which is golden. is new and there are a load of features that have yet to be integrated. But if you grab it now, you will get all of those and not have the monthly price burden in the future.

I made a review video about it below and I am bundling up some 100% unique bonuses for anyone who picks it up during the launch week.

Have a look at the video and then click the button to see my bonus package.

I have a couple of unique bonuses for people who pick up Convertri during the launch week.

They are unique and they have a REAL WORLD value of $350

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