NEW: “Learn” Platform – Free Inside Thrivecart

If like me, you keep getting Samcart adverts about creating courses, you could have guessed what the big announcement from Thrivecart was going to be…

Yup. A bolt-on system for delivering digital courses and products that is an extension of the Thrivecart system.

The difference is that, while Samcart charges a hefty monthly fee for theirs, Thrivecart gave it FREE to all accounts. If you have Thrivecart, you will find you also have Learn in your dashboard with unlimited courses, unlimited lessons and unlimited students.

There is an optional upgrade that adds a whole load of powerful features (with more coming down the track) but like I said…It’s an optional upgrade.

Here is a video of me having played around with it for a while earlier this afternoon

Why use this?

Good question. You may already have a delivery system that you like and trust (I do – ProductDyno) but there is one important lesson I have learned and that is not to have all of your eggs in one basket. Always have an alternative that you know how to use.

I will put some courses on here and may even look at putting together an inner circle type product as well. I also upgraded to the Learn+ option.

Why upgrade?

I know the guys behind Thrivecart. I picked it up in 2016 and kicked myself I missed the first offering because I paid more. But it is a tiny amount compared to now. Why? because back when I bought it, it was a bare-bones of a product. There was no affiliate system, no upsell/downsells no editable cart designs and very few integrations.

Same thing with ConvertBox. It was very basic when I got it but I paid low for lifetime.

This will be the same, I’m sure. I can see them building and adding on this and I want in at the lowest price. Heck, I am sure that it won’t always be a freebie for Thrivecart customers in the future, regardless of the upgrade.

There has never been a better time to decide to invest in Thrivecart.


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    • Suzanne on October 8, 2021 at 2:33 am
    • Reply


    Thanks for the in-depth look inside Learn.

    I, too, like having redundancies. I use Product Dyno and pay $99/year for it. Like Thrivecart Learn, there are no limits in PD.

    I also got Wishlist Member lifetime but haven’t figured it out yet – it seems to be a lot more complicated, especially in terms of things like showing other products like PD allows you to 9and which Learn+ allows you to).

    I got WP Courseware lifetime, which does seem to have decent flexibility and isn’t too hard to figure out, but needs a shopping cart. I do love the Thrivecart guys. If you were paying for PD every year, do you think you would move completely over to Learn+? I’ve got the better part of a year to test TC Learn out before making a decision on keeping PD or not. Just curious about what you would do.


    1. That is a great question.

      I, too, have WP Courseware but I bought that for a specific purpose (not for my own use). But it is there if I need it. You can accept payments with Paypal or Stripe with it so it does have some cart functionality albeit rudimentary. I think both PD and Learn do this better.

      I personally think that if you have unlimited ProductDyno for less than $10 a month, I would certainly keep it. The Starter plan is $49 a month now, so you have a bargain.
      The advantage of ProductDyno is that it integrates with pretty much any cart software out there. Want to sell a product on multiple platforms (inc. Thrivecart)? PD is the absolute best solution.

      Learn is tied to Thrivecart. This is great if you only ever want to sell products through Thrivecart. Perfect, in fact, as it is all on the same platform (very little to go wrong).

      Also, Learn is in its early days just now. I like it but there are some things that I still need to get my head around. I can see that the drip functions are miles ahead of PD (although that is something I know they are working on now).

      I would certainly keep PD and add a few products that you want to sell through TC to Learn and get to know how it works. Eggs and baskets.

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