My Simple Test For New Landing Pages

I want to mentions something that I wrote about in a recent premium newsletter but I feel would be good to mention here.
It is called my 100 clicks system.
Whenever I have made a landing page or have a new offer, to check if it is going to convert and whether my copy is hitting the right note, I do a simple test.
I send 100 clicks to the page. 
Now they can be a solo ad (quick and easy to do) or through a Facebook ad or a Bing ad. It doesn’t really matter. The point is I want it to be “cold traffic”.
That means clicks from people who have no idea who I am. That way, I get a “minimum” level of interest, knowing that when traffic comes from either my audience or an audience of someone who has a good level of trust, the stats will be higher.
100 seems to be enough to get a pretty good idea. I have tried with 200 clicks and even more but, for some reason, there seems to be no massive or noticeable difference. So 100 clicks, a tweak or two if things are not as good as I expected and 100 more clicks to test the tweaks.
For those who think I am throwing money away just testing – remember, all these clicks and subscribers are growing my audience and I will have some kind of SLA (self liquidating offer) to offset some of the ad costs as well.
There is a case for sending 200 clicks, though. That is when you are split testing two pages against each other to see which works best. So you would set it up so 50% goes to one page and 50% goes to the other.
Split testing can sometimes give you some interesting results and other times suggest that the variations don’t matter. If both variations are performing equally poor, that then makes you re-think the offer and the way you are framing it (the “angle” you are using).
So for the next split test you would have a landing page with different copy.
Most fancy page builders (like Convertri) come with a split test function but what if you are using WordPress and building your pages with the free Elementor plug-in?
The good news is that there is a free plug-in that will enable you to split test any pages against each other (they don’t have to be made with Elementor) AND even let you split test elements on a single Elementor page.
It is really simple to use and works great. You can get it here 
I have tested it out, and it’s really easy to use and very useful.
So, the takeaway is to always do a quick test with some cold traffic before releasing your new pages and offers into the wild.
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