How Much Written Content Are People Outsourcing? My Survey Results Are In!

Earlier this week, I sent out an anonymous survey to find out about how much written content is being outsourced by my audience.

I wanted to find out what sort of content they were outsourcing, how much they were paying for it and I also wanted to find out why some people don’t outsource written content creation.

Some rather interesting and unexpected results. 

Watch the video as I go through the stats…

So, almost half of the responders were outsourcing, mostly blog articles and reports. They were paying an average of 7c a word – that means a 500-word article would be $35.

Now, let’s investigate a way to get 100% unique, readable, high-quality content, written for you in minutes without hiring a writer and for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.

These tools are ideal for creating articles from scratch but they also help you create sales copy, headlines, AIDA and PAS sales copy, a cool thing called “BAB” which gives you a before and after plus a bridge paragraph – ideal for email writing. You can also re-write PLR in minutes using this!

Shortly is the clear winner as far as I am concerned for usability and value for money. The product is simply overpriced The Nichesss product is very rough around the edges, to be honest. The user interface is horrible. I may well refund it if I find that I am not using it much (as it doesn’t do anything that Shortly can’t do)

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    • Joe on May 14, 2021 at 2:13 am
    • Reply

    Good review Barry. How would you rate Crawl Q with Shortly?

    1. Hi Joe,

      Good question and I’m afraid I have no idea how they would compare. I basically only looked at the AI Content writing platforms that were being mentioned the most to me and were established already.

      Crawl Q looks to me more like an SEO tool than a content tool. I use something called Frase which will dive deep into the content that is ranking for a particular keyword, focusing on questions people are asking about the keyword. This is ideal to get a general picture of a topic, with some real facts and stats that can then be used to help an app like Shortly write a stunning bit of content. That content can then be pasted into Frase to check on how it compares to the best ranking content and tweaks can be made.

      But this is all pre-supposing you only want SEO rich content. Using Shortly for reports, video scripts, emails, re-writing PLR or even writing content to sell as PLR would not need that step.

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