How To Use AI To Create Teaser Videos For Traffic

A great way to get an evergreen flow of traffic to your site, blog, sales page etc is by having a YouTube channel where you upload “teaser” videos.

These are videos that provide some quick value but just scratch the surface of a topic. 

Think of them a bit like those search snippets that Google serves up. It gives a quick answer but you usually need to click through to get the full skinny.

It can be a chore, however, to create a short video script from a full article. It can also be a chore making these videos yourself from scratch.

So, here’s a way where you can turn these out one after the other with A.I. doing the heavy lifting for you.

And don’t think that, because we are using A.I., the content will be anything less than amazing.  That’s because I am pairing up two of the best tools out there.

Watch this video to see exactly how I can do it (and so can you)…

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  1. Just the right information and inspiration when I needed it. I’d noticed that Pictory offers a “link” which puts the video up on one of its pages. Add a link shortener / cloaker and there’s another page up on the web with data ready to be scraped? Not sure how yet. If this pique’s your curiosity you might like to visit and look at the description. Cheers, Chris.

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