4 Reasons NOT to Buy InstaMember…

If you are like me, I bet you have had a TON of mails over the last few days about the new membership site plug-in, InstaMember.
Did you get it or maybe you are tempted? Read on before making any rash decisions…here’s the truth…
I have been playing with it and I have to say it really rocks…however, here are some reasons NOT to buy it.
1. If you are using a membership site solution that you are completely happy with, then stick with it. True, InstaMember offers probably a load of extra features but if your current product floats your boat, then no need to get  Instamember.
2. If you have absolutely no plans ever to have a site where people pay you for access (either to deliver a product or as a continuity program and earn recurring monthly income) then you don’t need a membership site product at all……Skip again.
3. If you were to buy it and not use it within the next, say 12 months, then it probably aint for you.
4. If you really can’t afford to spend the $27 for a single site license then do not buy it..use the $27 for a bill or to put some food on the table. Really, although we should all invest in our businesses if we want them to grow, NEVER buy something you can’t afford.
But here’s the thing. If the above points do not apply to you and you have not already grabbed a copy of InstaMember, then you are seriously missing out on the most amazing deal.
You see, the nearest rival of this product (the one I normally use) costs $97 for a single site deal and $297 for a multi-site deal. Seriously. And it aint quite as good as InstaMember. Remember, Instamember will be that kind of price too after the launch period so don’t miss the special price.
Time to invest in your business. If you have not had a members site before, now you can. Use it for your product delivery, create different products all within the same site where people can upgrade. You can do so much with this model…even create “freemium” exclusive members clubs with paid upgrades.
My bonuses that you get with InstaMember are not just some junk that will be of no relevance..I have two membership site training products so you can put the product to work straight away and you also get the InstaTheme free as well.
You need to get the product through my link to get my bonuses, remember. (makes sure that my JVZoo Id 13594 is visible near the bottom of the small print on the order form)
Hope this helps you make a decision on InstaMember
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