A Co-incidence saves $112

There were two professional marketing products making an appearance this week which are both top quality, useful and solid products to make money from.

I am not talking about ‘fad’ products to exploit ‘loopholes’ or ‘backdoors’. Neither are they hyped up traffic systems or glorified autoblogs.

What is amazing is that they were launched almost at the same time and, also, they both have an extremely low introductory price. By getting both of these complimentary products now, you get a saving of $112.

So what are these products?

One is a training on a lucrative marketing method which is the only real way of creating a good passive income every month – membership sites. The other is a tool which will enable even someone with zero coding and technical knowledge to make these sort of sites in minutes.

Ryan Lee has made most of his online money from selling memberships. Here people will subscribe by paying a fee each month to get a continuity of information or products.  Ryan has brought out a training on how to set these kind of sites up – but sites with a slight difference.

You see, many membership products costs the user $27, $37, and even up to $97 per month. Now, although I don’t doubt the quality of what they will get for that kind of rolling investment, it’s true to say that people will cancel very quickly if they don’t see something pretty amazing going on – or the price will put them off from the start. Ryan is introducting the idea of Nano Continuity. These would be low cost memberships (as low as $5 a month) which are affordable for many, many people. Build enough value to make the investment look like a no-brainer and you have something which could go viral very quickly.

Now I will point out that this is not a fluff product. This is a well thought out training to teach you how to set up and market this type of business.

The normal price of this training is $77 one-time fee (which is an absolute steal by the way). But until Friday 17th. March 2011 you can get it for just $37.

Check it out here: http://bit.ly/fcSfQD

The second product is called the Profits Theme from GetProfitsFast. This is a WordPress theme which will enable you to create secured membership sites in minutes, ideal for what you learn from Ryan in Nano Continuity.

But it doesn’t end there. With a few clicks you can create landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, video pages, product launch pages which drip feed info (just like the top marketers use in their launches). It is so simple and the results are so professional, this s a ‘must have’ product for all serious marketers.

You need to see the demo video here: http://bit.ly/hGkDlw it will blow you away.

This product will sell for $97 but until Monday 17th March it will be just $27

So if you are lucky enough to read this in time, you will get a whole, proper training on a fabulous business model and the means of actioning it immediately at a $112 discount.

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