A One-Time-Offer Script For YOU

One thing I hate is when I buy something online and when i have completed my purchase, I go to close the sales page and…BANG…up comes a pop up with a discount!

If anyone should get the discount than it should be me, the early bird, the decision maker.

With this OTO script, you can reward the decision maker by giving them a superb, true once only offer. The visitor will see a fantastic unmissable deal.  If they choose to come back later and close the page or refresh the page, then the fantastic deal will disappear forever.  The next time they load the page they will see that the price is the regular price.

If you are working with a list then very soon subscribers will be educated to understand that if they want the best possible price than they must act without delay.

Actually what you are doing is presenting the price that you want for the product as the one time offer price.  Purchases at the higher price will be an extra bonus.

You can see a video about this script as the following link.  Warning!  If you want to buy it at the very low price of $5.00 then you must make a decision.  If you refresh the page or close the page only to return later than the script will be at a much higher price.


There are so many ways of using this…it doesn’t just have to be a price difference. Extra bonus products could be the incentive or MRR rights. Whatever you decide. Thing is you are creating a sense of urgency.

By the way, the script can also work using a timer so the visitor has a set amount of time before the offer expires. Minutes to hours, the choice is yours.

Here is the link again: http://9.bb/175871/oto-script

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