A Product Is For Life….

Don’t fall into these traps…

One marketing trend that is especially effective in the Make Money Online niche is the “big product launch”.

Everyone seems to be in a permanent “product launch mentality” these days.  Why? Well that’s simple…

With a well executed product launch where the vendor or the launch manager has schmoozed & encouraged a load of big-name affiliates to promote can lead to a BIG payday. There are plenty of people who have made big money in the last few years with this model. We are talking 7 figures.  Even if the products are shit. Sounds GREAT!

Or does it?

The model has some serious flaws that are being magnified by greed, lack of intelligence & lack of integrity.

It has got  to a point where marketers are designing their launch sales funnels purely for affiliates and not for customers. It has got to a point where marketers see a product as a “failure” if it does not clear $100,000 just in the launch period…..

And recently,  there has been another trend that is even more cynical

I have stared seeing 2.0 versions of products being launched within 6 months of the original. And they expect you to pay all over again.

No self respecting software company would expect you to re-purchase within 12 months. Especially (as is often the case) there is only a couple of extra features added to the original.

Creating Products Is Not Just For Launch Week

What people forget when they are weeping into their beer having only taken $10k on a product launch and not the $100k they were hoping for is that they (hopefully) have a good and viable product that they can sell in many different ways…

productforlifeSales funnels are made of congruent products. Each individual product can be slotted into many different congruent funnels as upsells.

Products can be included in “reseller” funnels – a “newer” business model and something I am going to be developing in the coming months.

Products can be in any number of autoresponder sequences…both yours and ones you could write & sell to others.

Products can be re-launched on different affiliate platforms (like Clickbank) where there is a completely different pool of affiliates.

Products can be flipped..yes a site with a product (and customer base) is premium flipping material. But that is a whole different article!


So, a couple of takeaways here…

Don’t get swallowed up in the launch mentality and boycott products that are asking you to fork out all over again less than 12 months since you forked out the first time.





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