Andy ‘Video Boss’ Jenkins shows you how!

Everyone who saw Andy Jenkins’ video last week is raving about it. The video deals with why you should use video in your marketing arsenal and there have been over 2500 comments made on the page! (Don’t worry, it’s still there if you want to see it HERE ).

Now Andy has added the second video in the series which walks you through how to make a Boss-like video with stuff that is probably already stored on your computer. And I don’t mean Steven Speilberg’s email address.

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You will learn from The Boss:

* Too much stuff
* To list in a snappy blog post

Basically, Andy boils down and condenses all of the stuff he has picked up in his long career in video into a 5 point system that pops out awesome videos fast…and you can do it! Just like the Boss.

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You will not have to hire a fancy script writer – you learn how to make a killer sales script which will have your customers fumbling for their credit cards, frothing at the mouth they are so eager to buy.

Got a face ‘made for radio’. No worries. Andy is no oil paining and neither am I. You do not have to be in front of a camera. Hell, you don’t even need a camera.

Amazingly, Andy gets through the whole video with only one mention of chocolate cake.

Click Here to learn and be entertained at the same time

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