Autoblogging – How to make money from autoblogs

Blogs have grown & grown in popularity over the last 5 years. They range from personal journals to vital information sites that are updated regularly and read by millions.

Many blogs also create good incomes and this has not escaped the attention of entrepreneurs and marketers. Blogs earning money from sales of affiliate products of from contextural advert revenue still need a steady flow of quality content. Without content a blog is generally dead and unread.

But if a single blog is bringing in $1 – $5 a day in revenue, how is it possible to manage multiple blogs needed to make $100 or $150+ per day? Hence the T-shirt.

This is where the rss feed comes in. This is the system whereby bloggers and website owners syndicate their content. Buy subscribing to an rss feed people can be kept up to date with the frequent posts on a blog and also include that content for their own sites.


Auto Blogging Software from WebMagnates is at the cutting edge of autoblogging technology. This small program works from your desktop to grab and auto-post full articles from any rss feed. This software digs deep into the feed and extracts the full article as well as the associated images and schedules posting onto your blog. Bear in mind this works with both WordPress and Blogger blogs.

In no time at all, you can set up a blog, make it look superb, monetize it and add content to be dripped in at the rate you set for weeks in advance. And you can repeat this for 1000 blogs if you wish all from the same interface. Everything is controlled from the program. You don’t need to constantly visit all of your blogs and add anything, edit anything – the Auto Blogging Software has done that for you.

But it gets better than that! When it grabs content, the Auto Blogging Software leaves behind all unwanted links, ad-codes, script and unwated text. Just bringing rich, quality content for your blog (with a link back to keep it ethical).

Even More! Auto Blogging Software also has the facility to auto translate text from feeds into multiple languages. If you translate text from English to another language and back to English, you have created unique content!

Also… Do you have PLR articles sitting on your hard drive? Or maybe articles you have written and are getting round to post? Well another really cool feature of Auto Blogging Software is that it will grab the articles from your hard drive and automatically schedule them for posting on your blogs. This is in addition to content grabbed from the rss feeds!

STOP PRESS! Brand New Cool Features added

1. Now you can grab articles from Ezine Article Directory. Just enter your keyword and get a list of related articles. The software will download the full articles you choose and schedule them to be posted in your blog. Quality content for you on autopilot.

2. Youtube video download and autoposting. Works the same way…just put in your keyword and choose your videos. ABS will do the rest for you. Remeber, choosing a lot of content means that your blog will be getting new content auto-posted for weeks, while you swing in the hammock!

3. Grab Amazon Products and include them in your blog. If you are an Amazon associate you can enter your keyword and choose products to be posted on your blog so that people can click on the link and earn you more money! All posted and scheduled for you automatically!

Best of all is how easy the program is to use. Watch the video at the upper right hand side of this post and see for yourself how a blog can be created and populated with quality content in just 3 minutes!

This takes autoblogging to a whole new level. You get quallity content drip fed to your WordPress or Blogger blogs complete with images, scheduled as you choose and creating unique content if you wish.

To get more information and get hold of the software, click on this link:

Auto Blogging Software from WebMagnates

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