Get a Banner Ad Rotator for WordPress – Free (worth $47)

Statistics have long shown that….

“Rotating your advertisement banners can defeat banner blindness and increases CTR.”


One of the issue about banner advertisement on WordPress blog is the banner ad management.

Normally adding banner ads will need you to edit your WordPress theme, mess with lots of codes and even then you won’t have the result as you want.

This is pretty tedious and time consuming if you have to go through all the codes just to add some banners.

Wouldn’t it be great if:

* You had the power to easily place your banner ads in any position you want to on your blog?

* You could track your banners, find out how good they really are doing?

* You could rotate your banners in multiple spots and transform your WordPress blog into advertising gold.

Above all what if you didn’t even have to worry about editing your WordPress theme to do all of this?

What if all of this could be done with one powerful and easy plugin?

That is where Max Banner Ads comes into play. Adding, controlling, and tracking the banners on your blog has never been more easier or more powerful with the Max Banner Ads WordPress Plugin.

Now you can get the premium version FOR FREE

Sorry – This is no longer available

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  1. This is a great idea, I will definitely use this idea. Thanks for the information.

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