Making Your job Easier – Gaining more time

One of the best things about having no real budget when I got started online (if there was a best thing) was that I had to learn how to do everything for myself.

Even though I did not go as far as to learn all of the various coding languages, I found that a bit of HTML knowledge went a long way. Also I learned how to do graphics in Photoshop & Gimp, getting sites up quickly, payment buttons, making videos, editing videos…you name it!

It did keep me busy and, really it would havebeen better to outsource some jobs but I did not have the cash to do that.

This e-mail is not about outsourcing, though.

What I want to touch on is using tools that will make your life easier…that will help you accomplish jobs quicker and more efficiently. That way, you will have more time to do the important stuff. Thing is, these tools that come along are generarlly not inexpensive and they are often not *sexy*. It is easier to be attracted to a headline promising to make you a ton of money rather than to one that saves you time and makes jobs easier (although clever copywriters will flip that around).

A good example was the plug-in that was released this week which allowed you to run hangouts on your blog as a webinar. Now, I actually did this a couple of weeks ago. I can manually do everything that the plug-in does (almost) but..the difference is that I can do it with the plug-in in about 2 minutes where it would maybe take me an hour or so do set it all up manually. So everytime I want to run a hangout webinar onmy site now..I save myself an hour.

The cost of the plug in was far, far less than just 1 hour of my time…But I don’t say that because I am some guru consultant charging telephone numbers for an hour..I say it because I have a family and a life away from this screen.

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