My New Products – Now Available!

I made a couple of new software products in December. Both were for my own use but I have decided to make them available to everyone.

Magic Kindle Formatter

As I detailed on my last blog post, this first product is FREE. It is a software product that automatically formats your ebook for uploading to Kindle.

This is something I plan do do more of in 2013. We all have reports and short ebooks so why not sell them as kindle books too? Also, my wife keeps threatening to write a novel….one day.

The software auto makes a title page, a copyright page, a clickable index and a thankyou/about the author page at the back of the book. it supports up to 12 chapters. It is so simple to use…just copy/paste your details and content and click finish and it’s done.

You can download it here: Magic Kindle Formatter

Tube Optimizer Wizard

This is a really cool product which helps you rocket your You Tube videos on to page 1 of Google

Videos are far easier to rank and draw a lot of clicks when people see them on a search. Review videos can convert very well with high clickthroughs.

I made this to save me time when I am uploading videos to You Tube so it is optimized for my chosen keyword. Also, it is an amazing product to give to a VA to use as it creates perfect results every time with no training needed.

Check it out here: Tube Optimization Wizard

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