Payspree – The Affiliates Network of the Future?

Just over to the right of this post (you may have to scroll down a tad) you will see a small advert for a company called Payspree. It’s not a totally flashy advert so it could go un-noticed. What you will find, however, is that whether you are in the business of promoting products as an affiliate or are a product owner looking for an army of affiliates, it is one of the most exciting adverts you will come across.

The best way of describing Payspree is that it’s the cloud version of the $7 secrets script. If you are not familiar with that, it causes a storm of interest a few years ago as it gave an affiliate the means to earn instant commission direct into their Paypal account the minute a sale was made. No waiting, no stupid criteria which Clickbank loves so it can hold onto your money for as long as possible. This was also good news for people who wanted to turn their own articles into guides and ebooks or re-jig some PLR product they had picked up. It allowed them to set up their own affiliates network offering instant commissions.

The drawback was that it relied on people installing the script and it was occasionally buggy.

Payspree offers to do all that the $7 secret script did and a whole lot more. It is free for people to register and choose to promote products form their marketplace (many offer 100% commission!). If you want to add products (and you will at some point, believe me) then there is a one time fee of $29. If you are smart, you will take advantage of the one time offer when signing up as you then get lifetime membership for $19 – saving a third of the normal cost.

Payspree take a tiny fee form transactions of products priced over $5. It is a tiny fee, however, compared with the other affiliate networks out there.

This network makes the likes of Clickbank look old, tired and useless.

You can sign up for your free acoount here: Register With Payspree
Remember to take advantage of the OTO…or you will kick yourself later on!

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