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I am not going to make you scroll through loads of fancy graphics today…or sit through one of my videos (well maybe a demo video later) … I just want to get this offer out to you because it’s pretty insane…Let me ask you three questions….

Do You Want To Build Massive Lists Quickly?

Do You Want A High Open & Click rates?
Do You Want To Make Affiliate Sales?

Of course you do…

Many people struggle for something to interest new subscribers. Other people who have lists struggle with sending their subscribers valuable free content.
Others still struggle with making sales from their lists….
Well I have something for you today that will help everyone do all three!


But before I show you…
consider this…


I still get sales from little giveaway product I made 3 years ago or more. OK….not an avalanche but every week there are some. That’s a lovely feeling…there are products out there selling for me way after I have completely forgotten making them.

Really…Sometimes I have to search where the sale could have come from and often trace it back to a report I gave away and I had actually forgotten about.

That is he power of a well written pdf. People will pass it round. They get shared.

And if you have an affiliate link in there….. You have every chance of getting sales.

Plus, if you use a report to build your list you have another monetization method right there inside the report.You can also sell the affiliate product in your email follow up, knowing that your subscriber is already pre-sold.


So, Where Can I Get One Of These Stealthy Sellers?
Well,there usually three ways to get your own pdf reports:

1. Write it yourself.
2. Get it written for you
3. Use PLR
Lets have a look at those options….Well, writing a 400 word article is painful enough for most of us… All that research, planning, typing…Ugh!Most people would rather gnaw off their own right leg than write anything above 1000 words…and how long would it take? Days? Nahhh….So let’s get some reports written for us while we are on the beach…Well you would be looking at a fairly hefty sum to get a high quality native English speaking writer to write a whole report.Even on Fiverr you will be spending $100+ and what kind of quality will you get?So, we are left with PLR.
Hmmm. You will have to do a lot of downloading & sifting before you find anything decent and then you will need to do a full re-write. Time and effort when you could be doing something else.

So here’s the deal

I have made four of my own reports rebrandable so you can have your affiliate links inside.

Yes, these are reports that I am using right now (and also selling a couple of them elsewhere) and I am making them available to you so you can build lists, make subscribers happy and make affiliate sales for yourself.
Each of these reports contain current 2014 information so nothing in there that stopped working in 1998, lol.
And to make it even easier, I have made some simple Windows software so you can rebrand them in seconds.In fact, you don’t even have to download them if you don’t want to, you can store them on my server with your links and just use that URL.
product grouping
Let Me show you how easy this is
Watch this video
[ez_youtube url=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”0″ autohide=”2″ controls=”1″]

Now I am not going to charge a load of money for this… In fact  you will pay just around $1.25 per report – including the cover graphic.At that price this is a real no-brainer!

OK. No more selling required, I am off for a cup of tea.
Four Rebrandable Reports (software)
NOTES: This software is for Windows operating system only.
Oh…and at this price, there will be no refunds.
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