A Peek Into Charlie Wallace’s Funnel

The “learn guitar” niche is massive, passionate and lucrative.

There are several guitar playing marketers crushing it in the various sub-niches – Tony Polecastro with acoustic guitar, Griff Hamlin with blues guitar and Charlie Wallace teaching rock guitar.

All of these guys have something in common. They all provide an amazing amount of free value. Tons of it, in fact.

Also, instead of creating dozens of products to launch, they tend to have one or two core products and put all of their efforts into creating free value-laden campaigns that bring new people in to sell them. 

Subscribers who have been around for a while and not yet bought also get a revived interest through these campaigns.

At the moment, Charlie has a “Jeff Walker style” campaign going on and I thought it may be useful to see the power in what he is doing.

For traffic, he has his existing lists and I also see paid ad promotions frequently on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. There may be other platforms and re-targeting but I haven’t noticed them personally.

So here is a video showing the sort of numbers and engagement Charlie is getting on Day 2 of his campaign.


1. The tried & tested methods are working like crazy (10,000+ new leads in less than 30 days, anyone?).
2. You have to provide massive value – for free.
3. There is a better use of your time other than creating and launching new products. Get creative with high value free campaigns to sell existing products instead.

EDIT: The pitch at the end was “access all areas” for his products plus some continuity for $497. There was 800 people on the live call and, judging by the response in the FB group, I would estimate a good conversion. Probably between 5% – 10% that would gross him $20k – $40k. Plus they are running another “bonus live” call (maybe an evergreen recording or replay?) tonight. So, he should mop up a load more of the 10,000+ folks who missed the call.

Interestingly, from the comments in the group, Charlie had “overdelivered” on value so much that almost everyone was expecting a pitch and, rather than rolling their eyes about it,¬† thought this was perfectly legitimate and were more than happy to be pitched to (even if they couldn’t afford the $500). If he is smart (and I reckon he is) he will target people who attended the webinar but didn’t buy with a split-pay option after a few days.

So, apart from driving the targeted traffic, what did Charlie need to create and do to put this together?

1. Starting from back to front, he first needed to compose and record a guitar solo using 4 famous guitarists styles. Not too difficult for a professional guitarist. 3/4 and 1/2 speed versions (2 minute job with Audacity) would need to be saved and a “tab” created (easy with Guitar Pro 7 software).

2. He then had to carefully plan out each of the 5 lessons and film them. The videos had to be edited into a tutorial style – this would require serious editing skills (or be outsourced). This is the most time consuming part of the whole thing but is only important for tutorial videos in this particular niche.

3. He then needed to create 5 pages that are almost identical (basically cloned and edited), with the video of the day on each and the available videos section edited accordingly for each page. The pages stress the importance of joining the Facebook group with¬† the “challenge” angle plus daily prizes.

4. He needed a squeeze page and an email sequence for the duration of the 5 day challenge.

5. He needed to do a live broadcast once a day in the Facebook group for an hour or so.

6. Lastly, he needed to do the “extra bonus” webinar where he did his pitch.

The beauty of this is it is all now “in the can” and can become evergreen. He can re-launch the whole campaign at any time in the future and will only need to do the live daily broadcasts in the group (or a cloned group).

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Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on this type of campaign…

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