An Easy Way to Create “In Demand” Products

“It’s Just Too Bloody Difficult!” That is what someone said the other day in a Skype group. Can you guess what the discussion was about?

Well, give yourself a choccie biscuit and a pat on the back if you guessed that it was product creation.
Most people get stuck for one reason….Overthinking it.
As an infoproduct creator, you are a problem solver or a time saver. Those are your jobs. Simple, eh? 
If you get bogged down in creating a product it will usually be because you are trying to stuff so much into it that it becomes a never ending project.
There are simple ways to create a valuable product that can take as little as 30 minutes. Products that some people are making very good incomes from….
People like Barb Ling, Andy Brocklehurst and Alessandro Zamboni to name just three.

Yup…I am talking about “Cheatsheets”. Those simple “essential” products for anyone to fast track their research on a topic or niche.

Think about it… The average person sucks at finding detailed information. They will spend hours on Google, You Tube and Gawd Knows Where. It is much better to give someone a couple of dollars to get it all organized for them!
This is why these little 3 page products sell in droves. Typically the sell for $5 or less but you can add some sexy upsells…One is already created when you create the front end product.
Alessandro has had simple cheatsheets return him anything up to $1000 and that’s without getting involved with all the product launch circus.
He puts them together in no more than 30 minutes for writing, and 30 minutes for sales page creation. In one hour you can have a product ready to go live, with a one time offer included.
So, do you want to find out Alessandro’s  Cheatsheet formula?
Well you are in luck as he has just launched a product detailing his method in simple steps.


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