Avoid Brick Walls

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Most people who have been around the online marketing space for a while know the score..

They realise that they need to build an audience and, within that audience, they will find their customers. Within those customers they will find some loyal, repeat customers, many of whom will be spreading the word further as affiliates. They also realise that they will have a list which will be the most profitable part of their ongoing business.

The way to do this, they realise, is to provide some huge value. A low cost offer that people will rave over with some highly related upgrade options to form a sales funnel.

They also realise that they need to plan out the product properly, get the sales copy right, establish a secure delivery method and find affiliates to drive some traffic.

Now. Here is why most people don’t succeed at this…

1. They have little or no experience in sales and marketing
2. They find the whole task overwhelming – too much to even start in some cases
3. They never quite finish the product – what starts as a simple project gets over-thought and over-complicated
4. They get stuck and disillusioned – even abandoning the whole thing before finishing
5. They get bogged down with the tech side – product delivery and setting up a product funnel
6. They struggle to attract affiliates to promote the product

Now some of these things you can learn or outsource. There are some things in that list that you need to get right before you go too far and they are not things you will find in any training product.

These are the root causes of procrastination

I am talking about points 2, 3 and 4. Let’s just go over these for a minute…

How do you eat a whole elephant?

The answer is – one bite at a time.

What you need to do is make some lists. List out every small task you need to complete to create your product and bring it to market. When you have done this read through them and put them into a logical order.

The next thing to do is to pick the tasks that you are weakest at and highlight them. These tasks you will take to Odesk, Fiverr or whatever microjobs site you prefer and farm them out.

Then, work through each small job crossing it off as you complete them.

Overthinking & Overcomplicating
The best product are simple ones. They solve one problem and solve it well.

People want to try and stack in loads of stuff to add to perceived value. It often backfires as products can become unfocused and a bit confusing.

Also, what starts out as a short report can develop into a full book with loads of chapters never to be completed.

Plan what you want the product to achieve and stick to it

Stuck & Disillusioned
If you can overcome the last two points then the chance of becoming disillusioned will be slimmer.

One thing to remember, though, is that the internet is not perfect. Often things don’t quite work 100% of the time. You will hit tech roadblocks occasionally and this kills many folks off.

The thing to remember is that there is always a workaround. This usually happens with making a product funnel & product delivery systems and even seasoned marketers can have challenges that they have to overcome.

It helps to have more than one tool in your toolbox. If one is not suitable, then you will have another in reserve.

The way to overcome all of these reasons for not getting out of the blocks…

The way to make sure that you don’t fall victim to these setbacks is to get yourself a coach or a mentor. Someone who is already doing this stuff successfully.

Someone who can keep you on the tracks. Someone who can give you insights into the tech. Someone who you can be accountable to.

Your learning curve will be flattened out enormously. You have someone there to fire questions at and get detailed guidance from on tap.

I am not suggesting spending $5000 a month on a big name coaching program. There are many people who you can spend 10% or less of that with and get your business moving much, much faster.

Or find a “one-time fee” offer like this one

Or join a group coaching program.

Once you have the experience under your belt, you can then choose to move on. You had the boost when you needed it and it will have taken you to a place that you would either never have got to or would have taken far longer and have been more frustrating to have reached.

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  1. Great post, on the common brick walls most people face!

    And I believe it’s true that 90% of success is mindset. Deal with these brick walls that are playing havoc with your mind, and you’re already halfway there.

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