The Sun Always Shines On Those Who Invest In Themselves


Warning: This blog post contains several references to a 1980s Norwegian pop group. If you are under 30, you may need You Tube later.

It seems that there is a new “clever” video product launched every darn week lately. Not only that, but I see a rash of products that all seem to do the same thing. Fine if you haven’t got something that does that particular thing, but don’t be tempted to buy every shiny object dressed up in fancy sales copy out there.

You are better off investing a few bucks into something that will help you move along…Unlock a few more things that you maybe have missed. You see, despite what we all write on our sales pages, there are no real “secrets” to online marketing. It’s just that sometimes important points can be hidden in plain sight.

When we come across these things that have been almost staring us in the face all along, we call it an A-Ha moment. Whenever I get one, I start warbling “Take On Me” in a high pitched voice. I can’t help it.

Sometimes, I come across a training that is so full of A-Ha stuff that I will have done “Take One Me” several times and have moved on to “The Sun Always Shines On TV” before the end of it.

A lot of people will tell you (me included) to be careful spending money on one product after another. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t further your education, though. You see, if you want to be an top affiliate marketer (for example), then you should take notice of every information product put out by top affiliate marketers. Often, you can pick up a front end offer for less than $10 that will have some “hidden in plain sight” secrets that you can immediately include in your business.

The point is, in the example of wanting to be a top affilaite marketer, it would be silly to buy a product this week about CPA and next week about SEO and the week after about Amazon FBA and the week after about offline marketing…. You get the idea.

Here is the takeaway from this blog post….

Don’t buy every shiny object you get a persuasive email about but DO continue to invest wisely into yourself and your business.

One very good example of a low cost product that will have you whistling A-Ha songs right from the start is a new Affiliate Marketing Training by Tony Marriot. Tony had to rebuild his business using evergreen methods after Google downgraded his affiliate sites a few years back. Now, these methods provide him with even more affiliate income than before. And in this product, he tells you exactly how…

You get a 70 page ebook detailing the exact steps required to start a profitable affiliate marketing business (70 pages of PURE content, zero fluff), AND 14 walkthrough videos detailing the entire process….For just $7

>> No need to “Go Hunting High & Low” Grab it here

Hope this helps

Barry 🙂

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