Be a Video Boss…Without the Price Tag


Video Slayer: Being a Video Boss without the enormous price tag

First a little back story for all my new friends:

You may or may not remember, but back in June, I sent a couple of e-mails out letting everyone know about a course which had been re-vamped and re-launched by an old buddy of mine.

That course was ‘The Video Boss’ by Andy Jenkins. “Was it an awesome product?” You bet it was…the best out there! “OK, Barry, but was it worth the $2000 price tag?” Yup, every single cent.

Not least because video is at the leading edge of the marketing wave. If you aint doin’ video, you aint in da game! Especially as most of the world now has very nice fast internet.

Butthe feeback I got was that, although you all wanted to crush it with video, not everyone could afford $2k. Well, that’s understandable.

Around that time, I became aware of another video dude who was putting a similar, comprehensive course together and he vowed to me (actually gave me his word)  that he would deliver this course at a more affordable level…thus opening the door to many more people. Well, I asked him (told him, begged him) to keep me informed…basically so I could keep you guys informed.

And guess what? He delivered on all his promises. Nice guy, eh?

So now you can get all of the training you need to have more knowledge about how to make killer video content in your little finger than 95% of all marketers have in their whole bodies. This is important. When did you last see a major site/launch/offer without a video?? You really, really need to master this….it’s the future, bro!

Watch this…

Read the topics. This guy leaves nothing to chance. Even down to the best camera angles, how to be natural on camera, producing, hosting, streaming…absolutely everything.

How detailed is this? Well there are 16 modules. The first three modules have 38 videos in them alone. Wow. You have everything you would ever need to know about marketing using video. Possibly the most important stuff you need to learn to be successful in the next few years.

So …ready for this??? Here is the link to see exactly what you will get:

Click Here…only if you really want to know how you can wipe the floor with everyone (95% of your competition) who know jack about how to make videos pay

Check this out. You wll be glad you did!


PS – You know what? Video is sooo much more fun than writing articles, don’t you agree, Mr. Speilberg? Click Here

PPS He even made a payment plan, lol. Even though the course is less than 10% the cost of “cuzin” Jenkins’ course! Check it out!

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