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How Much Written Content Are People Outsourcing? My Survey Results Are In!

Earlier this week, I sent out an anonymous survey to find out about how much written content is being outsourced by my audience. I wanted to find out what sort of content they were outsourcing, how much they were paying for it and I also wanted to find out why some people don’t outsource written …

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Connecting Your Autoresponder To Any Software App Without Using Zapier

You may have noticed…  A lot of software developers have stopped adding in a load of API integrations. This is probably because the marketplace for things like autoresponders has broadened out significantly and gone are the days when Mailchimp, Aweber and Getresponse integrations satisfied almost everyone. So, they add one or two to show willing …

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6 Massive Time Sucks for Work-From-Home Entrepreneurs

Working from home feels good. You no longer have a manager, boss, or co-workers within earshot so you’re free to get on with your work as you best see fit. However, that freedom is a double-edged sword, as if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of time on extra-curricular activities. What are …

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Some Advice To Keep You Sane

Just to be clear, this may not work where you are in the world. Just saying. But there are workarounds…   Last Friday, we had a “family day out”.  We all piled in the car (including the dog) and buggered off for the whole day together.     It’s not something we do regularly. Often …

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Andy Jenkins On Productivity

Yesterday, I heard the news that Andy Jenkins had died. I had followed him when I was new in this business and learned a lot from him. He was an extraordinary guy… His background was in film and movie production and had something to do with Haxan Films (that made The Blair Witch Project). He …

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