Content Upgrades – A Smarter Way to Build Your Lists

Just this week I came across an authority site that managed to increase subscribers from it’s blog posts by 8x just by using a rather clever yet simple method.

This “method” or “hack” is so smart on so many levels, I just wish I had come across it sooner (or even thought of it myself). Especially as I have a perfect tool to make it all happen. Anyway…

Content Upgrades – What Are They?

Here is how it works…

You write a great post for your blog. Something that gives the reader real value. A good format for a suitable post may be the “X ways to do Y” type. So, for example, “12 Killer SEO Hacks That Work In 2020”.

When you have your content written, it is pretty easy to make an “upgrade”. Don’t think of this as creating an ebook or report. We are not going to do that for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, unless the ebook is a downloadable copy of a very long article, it is not completely congruent.

Secondly, who the hell wants yet another bloody ebook or report they will probably never read clogging their hard drive?

Thirdly (bonus reason), writing reports is a ball-ache. Too much work!

Here is what people will want (and is quick and easy to make)…

The upgrade will be a simple way to help and enable the reader to accomplish what is in the content.

Here are some examples…

  1. An action checklist for each of the 12 points. This is very easy to put together and is the perfect logical next step for the reader.
  2. A workbook that the user can print off to help them with the 12 points – that is just a case of asking questions and having spaces for them to write their answers (these are good for webinar handouts too, btw)
  3.  A resources cheatsheet with links to authority sites, affiliate offers and videos. Not quite as sexy as the other examples but, it depends on the article content.

The point is, you make the best match for the article. You will know what that is when you have written it.

Think of the article and the upgrade as two halves of the same content. If you have one, it makes sense to have the other for free too.

But, although the upgrade is free – they will have to subscribe to your list to get it

Here’s another tip – include some bonus material in the upgrade as well. So it would be pitched like this Free – Get your full downloadable action checklist for each of these 12 ideas PLUS two more secret bonus hacks included .

How Do We make Readers Aware Of The Upgrade?

In the past, when I have done something similar, I have used a slide in box that appears when the reader has scrolled through a percentage of a long article.

But there is a much simpler, better way of doing it.

For maximum results,  the upgrade should be offered right inside the content

This is ideal for two reasons…

  1. It isn’t an annoying pop up or distraction that needs to be closed
  2. It is logical that it would be there. It is congruent.

In fact, here is an example of how it would look (yes, there is a free content upgrade to this blog post)

Here’s another tip that is worth taking notice of…

Don’t put a form on your in-content box advertising the upgrade. People just scroll past forms. Always make it a two-step process so people click on the button and then see the form.

This will increase conversions for this type of ad.

So, there we have it. A simple but brilliant way to attract more subscribers. 

Let me know in the comments what you think and, if you have been using something similar,  how it went for you. 

And do grab the free upgrade (it is real) as the bonus content in there includes me creating and setting up the upgrade so you can see just how simple it can be.

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