Facebook + Video = Awesomesauce

Hey guys,

I was blown away this morning by an amazing software application which has to win the prize for easiest and fastest to use to get such an incredible result.

The software I am describing literally creates a fully functioning niche-related Video Fanpage on Facebook. Now, “Facebook” and “Video” are, perhaps the two big buzzwords to getting free traffic. Especially after Google algo changes. So this is very hot…a system for combining FB and video together in an amazingly easy way.

It pulls videos from You Tube related to your chosen keyword and organises them onto a fanpage for you. No messing around altering php code or uploading to servers. The program spits out the code after you have filled out a short form and you just copy/paste t into your fanpage.

I tried it out and it – literally – took me no more than 10 minutes to have this up and running. Take a look at it here:


I just used the keyword: ‘Internet Marketing’ and the videos were automatically populated.

It adds a ticker ad stream of up to five affiliate ads running across the top and you can add a banner at the top or bottom of the page (I chose the bottom).

You paste in your opt-in form to collect subscribers.

All in all its a very neat bit of kit. Any niche site you have you should have a related fanpage and now you have something that will draw in extra traffic and sales.

The cost of this? Well, I could imagine a guru would sell it with a great fanfare for $47 minimum. And it would actually be worth it!

Guess what…I payed $14 for it. It is being run on a dimesale so the price increases with every order by a few cents. BUT….it’s selling fast (because its good). Right now as I post this, the price is still around $15. Get over there quickly to secure the lowest price. Here is the link:


Hope this helps you.

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