Naming for Dollars

Here is an interesting service which I have been having a little fun with recently. It could be that it is one of those sites where you could end up being both a contributor and a buyer as well.

PickyDomains is a four year old service which helps people in naming their businesses. When I first came across the concept I must admit that I thought it was a little odd. Surely someone would be able to come up with a business name for themselves, wouldn’t they?

Well, yes and no.

There are business names and there are super-cool business names which will help define and brand a business. By inviting over 40,000 experienced copywriters and contributors to brainstorm a name for your business and web site, you open up a whole load of possibilities.

Whereas a professional branding agency would charge anywhere from $10,000 upwards for this service, you can get all of these ideas for free. You only pay if you like something and then the price is only $50. That is a risk-free way of getting the perfect name for your online business.

Now, I mentioned that PickyDomains is a site where you could posible benefit from being a buyer and a contributor. Becoming a registered contributor is easy. Then you can offer suggestions based on the orders which come into the system daily. If your suggestion is bought by the client, you will get a generous commission from PickyDomains. How does between 40% and 60% paid via Paypal sound?

So, get your creative juices flowing and head over to PickyDomains and start naming for dollars today.

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