Happiness is………..?

Rob Maggs, a marketer mate of mine, posted this question in Facebook recently (probably in a further attempt to increase his Klout score whatever that is) and it made me think.

My first reaction was..warm sun on my face, sand between my toes, a cold beer and plenty of naked ladies milling around. Which I experience a lot in the summer here. But was that the “right” answer?

Some people may provide a list of material thing-a-me-gigs. “An iPhone 7 telephone, a 3d TV and a Mercedes motorcar” Others may focus on relationships..”The love of my wife & kids”

After some thought, I realised that it all pales into insignificance without one thing that we all kind of expect to have and is a classic Joni Mitchell “only miss it when it’s gone” thing…

Good health.

As long as I am healthy I can be happy.

“What’s all this got to do with online marketing, you daft old bugger?” I hear you ask….

Not a lot, except for the fact that you should be aware that happiness is not something that is always in the future somewhere. You should be happy in the moment.

Now, online marketing can allow you that freedom (ahh..there’s another key word…freedom). I have regular skype calls with some marketers where (to the casual observer) we are just mucking around and laughing a lot. But that is work. We make money out of those “masterminds”.

Myself & Val Wilson hiking a gorge

Myself & Val Wilson hiking a gorge

It was work when my mate Val Wilson came out to stay for a few days and we went hiking in the mountains, drank far too much, ate out every night and (almost by accident) planned a load of projects – one of which was a JVZoo Product of The Day.

If you want to, you can get yourself to a point where this is how you make your living. It’s not about flash cars and Rolex watches. Its about being you and enjoying your life. In short, finding happiness NOW…not at some arbitrary point in the future.

Enough for today.

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