How to Cash in On Christmas

All I can say is GRRRR! I am writing this in Notepad at the moment because the internet is down for the whole of our town (or even further afield – I have no way of knowing).

The reason I am annoyed is that I really wanted to get this out to you today as it’s kind of time sensitive.

Christmas is rapidly approaching (I’m sure you have noticed) and a truly massive amount of money is being spent. Are you taking advantage of that money wave or not? You see there are a few things that you can do to cash in even if you don’t have online “store” sites and the like.

mantree2 The key is in the cookie! More & more people do christmas shopping online these days. Amazon is the place where most of them head to. Now, if they have your affiliate cookie when they get there and end up getting a bunch of products ordered, you get the commission…if a whole bunch of people are cookied…you have a payday.

So, how to get this happening. The best strategy is to give something that will be of massive benefit to Christmas shoppers. This strategy involves giving something away and using Facebook to find the people to give it to.

So, what can we give? One simple idea would be to do some Amazon research. Browsing for presents online is not as easy as wandering through a department store. It can be time consuming & frustrating (even if you are in the warm with some muled wine). Help by providing inspiration and giving the low-down on all the alternatives. Find the top 100 products in various niches and get the price and customer star rating for them. Then make this information into a free report to save the shopper some time. Get a *sexy* ecover graphic made and you are in [The Christmas] business!

OK, this will not be a groundbreaking product but, targeted correctly, I reckon you will get a lot of people downloading it. Now, you can choose to get their e-mail address at this point or not, it’s up to you. The key is that the links to all of the products in your report will be your Amazon affiliate links.

Targeting is most important and that’s where facebook comes in. I would run both a right hand side ad and a newsfeed ad to the correct demographic for your niche. If you want to know how to run killer newsfeed campaigns, I highly recommend this course FB Dynamo (the Facebook group connected to this is a constant source of golden info as well).

For those who want to go after some Christmas cash and don’t want to make a product, I am bringing out two rebrandable Christmas software products on Friday that are designed as giveaways. I will mail you a short while before its live as I will sell a few copies at a special price for my subscribers

Speak soon,

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