Is Google Adsense Really Dead?

You know, there are many who would have you believe that Adsense is “yesterday’s income stream”. Those people are the ones who probably had loads of crappy “made for Adsense” sites with little of no valuable content on them and, not surprisingly, dropped out of sight when Google got tough.

But can you still make good money from Adsense?

Ron Rule does, but his method is a little different. His strategy involves picking the keywords not by whether you can rank with SEO, but on how much the ad clicks pay out. Did you know that some ads pay over $100 per click?

So, it means you can afford to drive traffic to those sites because the overall ROI is going to be massive.

In Adsense Avalanche, his new course, he doen’t just give you the method, he also gives you the WordPress themesand plug-ins he uses as well as 3000+ high paying keywords to go after.

>> Check it out here <<

This will change the way you think about Adsense completely!

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