My latest WSOs

Hi all!

Just wanted to let you all know about my two latest WSOs (that’s “Warrior Special Offers” on the Warrior Forum).

Last month I launched Kwik Niche Lists.

Kwik Niche Lists

This is a video training designed to get people started in simple product creation and list building. Both are essential to make the bigger bucks online!

In the training I show that you can actually create a product, make an ecover graphic for it and publish a squeeze page for it in thess than 30 minutes….just using FREE tools.

To see if I succeeded, and to get hold of the tools I used, you need to grab the WSO.

You can get it here: Kwik Niche Lists

5 WSOs in One – Amazing Rebrandable Reports

This WSO was launched a couple of days ago. Again it is something to help people in many different ways.

1. It is 5 fantastic reports filled with information – 5 WSOs actually! Here are the titles:

  • “How to get a Flood of Free Traffic From Pinterest”
  • “3 Secrets to Get Massive Traffic and Dollars From You Tube”
  • “5 Obscure Ways to Make a Ton of Cash Just With WordPress”
  • “5 Killer Tips to Get 5 Minute Cash from Fiverr”
  • “List=Money. Email Marketing the Easy Way”

2. Each report is rebrandable – this means you can make money from them once you have shared them. The affiliate links they contain become YOUR affiliate links.

3. If people you have passed the report to wish to rebrand it themselves, they have to pay $3.99 which you get 100% commission on.

So you can see – many money making possibilities.

Grab your copy here. 5 Rebrandable Reports WSO


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