SEO Tips For Social Media

Guest post by John Lewis

There are some unique tips to increase your traffic on social media sites. SEO or search engine optimization is usually known on a site or blog platform; however the same approach can be used to boost your traffic through social media.  It is a good practice to keep your readers in mind and your SEO marketing strategies second; those who friend or follow you on social media sites may not be the same people that would visit your marketing sites.  However there are little tricks to utilize every post to your advantage.

How to use Facebook

There are a couple of techniques that can boost your views and rankings.  The first one is to use your niche keywords in your Facebook page updates; for example, when you include a link or just a general message use a keyword that is associated with your product or site. The second tip is to use your anchor text in your links.  This is actually a cool way to rank the site with search engines as well.  If you link often on your Facebook page, then whenever another Facebook users searches within the Facebook box they will likely hit your page first.  The last little tip is to use any of your keywords inside the caption of a photo.  The more diverse the keyword the easier this tip will be.

How to use Twitter

Setting up your profile or bio on Twitter that contains at least 45% of your keywords will also boost traffic.  The search box in Twitter will send more traffic your way if you can determine how other users will type in the search.  Think of your bio as a meta description that users will see and determine to follow or click on any of your links. When you are sending a tweet be sure to add your keywords early in the tweet, if not all of it.  The first 30 words act as the tab for the tweet which will again link back to you.  The last thing is to shorten any link you send in a tweet; this make the link more desirable to click on.  A lengthy link may appear as spam and this will also disable you to add any text that could help the link.

When using SEO tactics on the social networks just keep in mind the same idea as on the web.  The main point is to not appear aggressive on the site; this could potentially ban you from the site.

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  1. The value of social media cannot be underrated, but is enough? I would think the conventional methods would have to be combined with social media to get ranked

      • on April 30, 2012 at 11:30 am
      • Reply

      For now, yes but perhaps the social ‘voting’ will carry more weight in the future with regards to giving content a measure of authority.

      It may be as well to focus some efforts on this to be well positioned for future algo tweaks.

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