My New Look!

Well, I have had some time away from posting on here and I apologise for that. My IM business has been taking me down one or two different roads and I have been maxed out a bit.

In the last month or two I have built new lists of around 1500 subscribers, formed an alliance with another marketr and we are forging ahead with some joint ventures.

I have also completely overhauled a WSO  I brought out in the spring and will re-launch version 2.0 this week (29th November).

I am hosting live webinars over the coming weeks too and hope to keep everyone updated here.

As you can see, I revamped the place a bit. Not sure if I 100% like the new design. I may tweak a little more…let;s see. Your feedback is welcome!

With that update, I will get back to work and expect me to post again in here more often!

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