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How To Use AI To Create Teaser Videos For Traffic

A great way to get an evergreen flow of traffic to your site, blog, sales page etc is by having a YouTube channel where you upload “teaser” videos. These are videos that provide some quick value but just scratch the surface of a topic.  Think of them a bit like those search snippets that Google …

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NEW: “Learn” Platform – Free Inside Thrivecart

If like me, you keep getting Samcart adverts about creating courses, you could have guessed what the big announcement from Thrivecart was going to be… Yup. A bolt-on system for delivering digital courses and products that is an extension of the Thrivecart system. The difference is that, while Samcart charges a hefty monthly fee for …

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ProductDyno Post #2 – The Elephant In The Room

In this blog post, I decided also to make a video for you. And the reason I’m doing that is I do want to clear up a particular misconception that is out there regarding ProductDyno. And what I’m going to do is first of all go through one of the reasons why I think ProductDyno …

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Be Net Savvy Without Being a Geek!

One thing that gets in the way when people first set out to make money online, is tech. Yep…they tend to know what they want to achieve but actually getting that live on the net can be unfathomable for non-geeks. When I started, my learning curve was pretty steep and I spent ages trying to …

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