Two New Tools That Work Well Together

Sometimes, it my business, strange co-incidences happen…and they usually follow a very similar pattern.

I happen to come across a new tool that impresses me and, just out of the ether, along comes something else awesome that works with the first find.

Some new age chaps would have me believe that it is some attractive vibrations happening throughout the universe that cause these things. Others say that it is some deity taking a little bit of time off from inflicting plagues and droughts to help me in my business.

I don’t subscribe to either. I see it as a happy co-incidence. And this one is especially happy.

You see, using both of these free tools will enable you to create something extraordinary.

What if I told you you could create a video (screen capture or a “to camera” video or a mixture) with one click of a button in your Chrome browser (no software needed) and then have a music track – the exact length of your video – composed especially for you in less than a minute – for free?

Music from Jukedeck – create your own at

One click video recorder here:

Free video editor here:[/wr_text][/wr_column][/wr_row]

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  1. Hi Barry,

    Interesting and useful post and information. I will try the three out and see how they work…I like the fact that you can post the completed video directly to YouTube, that is a useful feature with the “HitFilm” tool…

    A question for you (not having looked at the video editing tool yet)…Can you add in intros and outros using it without much fuss? The reason I ask is that I have a series of my brand logo reveals, intros, transitions, and outros that I would like to throw in quickly as well…

    For quick explainer videos, these three tools seem like a solution to getting videos completed and published quickly. It’s not like we have too much time on our hands as online marketers, tools that leverage available hours are always welcome….

    This holds true ESPECIALLY when they are free! ; )

    Thanks, M8!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Dave.

      To answer your questions, when you saw me use HitFilm on the video it was my fist time (this morning) and I hadn’t read the manual 🙂

      So, it does show that it is pretty intuitive.

      I imagine that there will be no problem dragging and dropping intros & outros into the project. Not sure about transitions…. I didn’t go that far into it.


  2. Barry,
    Thanks for finding these tools and taking the time to create a video about them. I especially like the possibilities with JukeDeck!

  3. How ironic! I just downloaded hitfilm the other day but hadnt gotten around to playing with it! I’m installing it right now!

    Thanks for the music resource…talk about a secret sauce trick!

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