What is The “Laptop Lifestyle”? Not This…

Here is something I always have a good laugh about.

The way marketers portray “The laptop Lifestyle”.

Let me tell you what is wrong with it….

I got frowned upon massively by a marketer back in the summer.

He had posted a picture on Facebook of his laptop with whatever he was working on the screen in a beautiful place with the caption: “Another day at the office… on vacation in ——-“
(I put —– in as I can’t remember where he was).

So I commented…

“Success is…Not having to work when you are on vacation”

I see plenty of people suggesting that “freedom” is sitting on a beautiful beach with a laptop open on their lap working.

I don’t know about you but when I am on the beach, I enjoy reading, swimming and checking out the naked ladies. NOT working!

They are clumsily showing the wrong things to portray something VERY powerful…

Here’s what “The Laptop Lifestyle” really means is one word…Freedom.

You choose how much you work, where & when you work (which means you don’t have to on vacation). You don’t have a boss, you don’t have to commute, you get to work with the people you choose to work with. You don’t have to wear a suit (unless you want to – I work almost naked in the summer).

You also get to pretty much choose how much you earn. There is no glass ceiling.

Now, how much does it take to achieve this?

Just make what you are making from your job and you are sorted. Then you can quit the job if you wish and enjoy the freedom.

For Tony Shepherd, that figure was just $2600 a month. Once he got through that he was earning as much as he was from a job anyway – but without the downsides.

In this no-fluff training, he explains how to break free and replace your salary
This is discounted until 1 minute to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Then it will revert to the normal price – which is also very low so you should still get it!

Hope this will help you in 2018

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