Why I Sometimes Sit Through Boring Webinars

I received an email the other week from a customer who wanted to let me know that he did not appreciate being emailed about a webinar.

Partly, it was because of his timezone and live webinars mostly were at silly times of the day (I get that – happens to me too).

Mostly, however, it was because he was sick of hearing about how broke/depressed/sexually repellent the speaker was but… NOW… he is rich/happy/totally ballsdeep for an hour or so. And then be pitched for the next hour or so on something that was deemed too pricey to put on a sales page.

I get that too. Which is why, when I do a webinar, it rarely crosses the 60 minute point and I never sit in an office with a sports car in it.

But I do frequently watch webinars (mostly replays and evergreens because of the timezone).

Why do I sit though these yawn-fests?

The same reason why I take a look at loads and loads of sales pages every day that I have no intention of buying from…

It is to learn.

You see, I think, in one way, my customer is missing a trick.

These webinars are converting. People are buying stuff – often priced in the thousands. So they are working.

Become a student and learn from the way the pitch is done. How the transitions between problems, knife-twisting, solution and closing are handled. Write loads of notes and incorporate these insights into your own presentations.

Same with sales pages. Become a student of copy. Look at them as a seller and not as a buyer.

Again, make loads of notes. Look how the “story” is constructed. Where do they break up the text with a headline or a graphic, how does the “story” flow? Identify the buttons they are pushing. See how scarcity is used.

All of this is like a free education.

PS…There are only a few sales pages I don’t check out – There is one pair of asswipes active at the moment who sell cookie code space on their sales pages (which I imagine is illegal and against platform policies but they seem to get away with it). But  I don’t want to be cookie stuffed by a wanker so I avoid.

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    • Colin Imeson on July 26, 2019 at 12:59 pm
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    Hi Barry … totally agree with you. I find that if it’s a webinar where I’m pretty sure I don’t want to buy the offer, I can relax, take notes and just listen without any pressure to fully understand what is on offer.
    Cheers, CZ

    • Armando Glifonia on July 26, 2019 at 4:12 pm
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    Thanks Barry this blog is very inspirational to me.As a newbie in affiliate marketing.I willkeep that in mind.

  1. Yes I watch them to learn too and not just about what they may be selling but how they are attempting to sell it. It is a trip to me how a webinar can sell a 1995 dollar course while other methods have a hard time selling at a much lower price even though the content is just as valuable.

    Btw, great last name you got.

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