Another New (simple) Look


I feel liberated! Almost like I have dumped my clothes on the beach and jumped in for a nekkid swim.

I always wanted a fancy-dancy looking blog and so, a couple of years ago, after a bit of experimenting I decided to use a “it’ll do everything” theme that I bought from someone on JVZoo (I should’a bloody known, right?).

And it kind of “took over”

Putting a blog post up became a real chore. I had to double check everything or it would go out looking like someone with learning difficulties had discovered cider and magic mushrooms on the same day.

It took all of the spontaneity and fun out of posting.

Which is why I stopped doing it so often. 

There is a lesson here… Keep things simple.

So now I am back to basics.

A nice simple to use blog that you can even comfortably read on a tiny mobile device if you enjoy looking at life through a letterbox.

As I plan to inject some new life into this under-used platform, I would welcome any suggestions about topic you would like me to cover.

Just make a comment below

I am busy putting the finishing touches to a new product that I am bringing out tomorrow. If you are on my list you will get an email about it. If not, I will post about it here as well.


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    • Donovan on May 23, 2018 at 6:19 pm
    • Reply

    Barry, I love the new look. It looks clean and colorful. One topic that would help me is how to set up a nice colorful looking blog like this.

  1. Hi Barry,

    I did the same thing a while back with my blog theme…
    Simple is good…I went with eMag I think it’s called… Nothing fancy easy to use, and clean design…

    Subjects of interest to me and hopefully others :

    1. Product creation
    2. Tools used to automate/simplify processes
    3. Case studies… What works and why
    4. List building
    5. Email marketing… Campaigns, swipes, copywriting, emotional triggers, etc.

    That’s a start…

    Looks good what you’ve done… Hopefully you will get your mojo back for blogging… It should not be a chore… ?


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