Shoo-ing an Elephant Away

Today I want to shoo away an elephant that often appears in the room when we talk about product creation.

What do you need if you want to have an online business selling digital products?

Well, some digital products to sell, obviously.

People often get stuck here.  Creating products sounds difficult, scary and time consuming.

And let me tell you, if you set out to write a 300 page book, you are probably correct. Not impossible but bloody hard work and you need a certain set of skills to pull off.

Now, there are some quicker and easier ways to create products (and I will visit these and shoo away more elephants in future blog articles here) but all of them require you to have done a load of research – market research first and then research to put your product together and then you have to set about making the darn thing.

It doesn’t end there, either.

When you have your product made you then need to find your sales angle and write some compelling sales copy.

One way to shortcut a lot of this work is to look for some PLR content (or even whole ready made products) that ticks the boxes for your chosen niche.

This is where that big elephant appears, lurking in the corner of your eye over by the sideboard….

You see, there is an underlying assumption that all PLR content is crap.

OK… I will grant you that there is a lot of crap PLR out there but there are some excellent products too. Often they are products that the “while label” license is an upsell for a product that the vendor is selling in their own funnels.

Even “thin” PLR has it’s uses if you know what to look for and what use to put it to.

There are two fundamental golden rules when it comes to PLR…

  1. In almost every case (there are a couple of exceptions) you need to change more than a buy button on a sales page you get with the product
  2. You need to take some action – actually do something with it to take ownership and have it as your branded product. It will do no good sat on your hard drive.

To have a logical sales funnel comprising of mutually congruent products that each satisfy a real need in your chosen sub-niche is essential for creating automated online passive income streams.

Being able to intelligently use PLR products to put that together brings it in reach of people who have not had a whole career experience as an author, videographer, or sales and marketing executive.

….And that last sentence is the nub of this article.  Use PLR intelligently and do use it.

Those who do will end up selling their own products that no-one would ever guess started life as components of various PLR products.

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