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My Simple Test For New Landing Pages

I want to mentions something that I wrote about in a recent premium newsletter but I feel would be good to mention here.   It is called my 100 clicks system.   Whenever I have made a landing page or have a new offer, to check if it is going to convert and whether my copy …

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How Much Written Content Are People Outsourcing? My Survey Results Are In!

Earlier this week, I sent out an anonymous survey to find out about how much written content is being outsourced by my audience. I wanted to find out what sort of content they were outsourcing, how much they were paying for it and I also wanted to find out why some people don’t outsource written …

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Why Everyone Who Does Email Marketing Should Get The Hive

“Build a list” they say.  It’s good advice. Email is still king when it comes to online marketing. For the reason that email addresses are like bellybuttons – everyone has got one. You can’t get a social media account unless you have an email address. They are pretty universal – My 18 year old sons …

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Why I Sometimes Sit Through Boring Webinars

I received an email the other week from a customer who wanted to let me know that he did not appreciate being emailed about a webinar. Partly, it was because of his timezone and live webinars mostly were at silly times of the day (I get that – happens to me too). Mostly, however, it …

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