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How Easily Digestible Are Your Freebies?

Most marketers are actively building their lists using “lead magnets”. These are free products that encourage someone to subscribe. Back in the old days, they were only a sweetener – “Join my newsletter and you will also get this free gift”. These days, most people do not put out a content rich newsletter (especially in …

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How To Protect Your Digital Products?

You know that thing that your grandparents trot out from time to time? The thing about not having to lock doors and windows when they were young. Where I live it’s just like that but most folks can’t get away with living like that these days. It’s the same  with digital products…There is always someone …

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Avoid Brick Walls

Most people who have been around the online marketing space for a while know the score.. They realise that they need to build an audience and, within that audience, they will find their customers. Within those customers they will find some loyal, repeat customers, many of whom will be spreading the word further as affiliates. …

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