How Easily Digestible Are Your Freebies?

Most marketers are actively building their lists using “lead magnets”. These are free products that encourage someone to subscribe.

DigestableBack in the old days, they were only a sweetener – “Join my newsletter and you will also get this free gift”. These days, most people do not put out a content rich newsletter (especially in the IM niche) so the freebie has become the main course.

All fine and dandy…but there is something that everyone has to realise…and it is something that is getting more commonplace.

More and more people are subscribing from mobile devices than ever before.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they will not be on your list. Of course they will and they will get your emails in just the same way as they would have done had they subscribed from their computer. It makes no difference to that..

But it could make a difference to what kind of freebie you are delivering.

Your freebie is a sales tool and something that can build or establish your authority. If people can’t consume it instantly, the opportunity may have been lost.

If you are giving away desktop software that won’t work on a mobile device, for example, people may or may not remember to download it when they get back onto their computer.

Also, I can’t envisage anyone wanting to read a pdf on a titchy mobile screen.

Now I am not saying that those formats are bad and should not be used, just that if you want people on mobile devices to be able to instantly consume your content, you need to put it into a multi-platform format.

Here are 3 ideas..

  1. Videos
  2. MP3 audios (I see a lot of people walking round with headphones in – they can’t all be listening to music)
  3. Ecourses

I like ecourses as you can give a good lot of good, solid content in bite sized chunks and it is delivered and consumed anywhere.

So, if you are getting a lot of mobile traffic or are using Facebook Lead Ads for traffic, this could be something that you want to think about.


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