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Why Make Things Complicated To Use?

 The tools for online marketers have certainly changed, even in the last handful of years. Gone are the days of having to learn some HTML and PHP code to design and edit websites and jury rig things together. Now there are wonderful things you can do in a few clicks that would take hours (and …

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A Peek Into Charlie Wallace’s Funnel

The “learn guitar” niche is massive, passionate and lucrative. There are several guitar playing marketers crushing it in the various sub-niches – Tony Polecastro with acoustic guitar, Griff Hamlin with blues guitar and Charlie Wallace teaching rock guitar. All of these guys have something in common. They all provide an amazing amount of free value. …

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Free Funnel Planning And Analysis Tool

Funnels can turn into quite complex things very quickly. Before I continue, let me make clear that I am not talking about they “funnels” you see on product launches affiliate pages. Those are better described as “sales sequences”. Funnels are a complete process starting with traffic sources, then the entry points (squeeze pages) leading to …

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How To Make Professional Online Funnels- For Free!

When folks get started in online sales and marketing, often they are doing so because they need more money. At that stage “starting a business” is not what they are thinking. The wonderful thing about online marketing is that it is easy to have a go at to see if you enjoy it and get …

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