Free Funnel Planning And Analysis Tool

Funnels can turn into quite complex things very quickly.

Before I continue, let me make clear that I am not talking about they “funnels” you see on product launches affiliate pages. Those are better described as “sales sequences”.

Funnels are a complete process starting with traffic sources, then the entry points (squeeze pages) leading to email sequences to sell products that, in turn, lead to further email sequences for buyer (perhaps to sell an upgrade) etc.

You can see just from that last paragraph that they can be difficult to visualize in the mind. Which is why most people plan them out on paper or on a whiteboard. Even then, with frequent tweaks and edits, it can get very messy and confusing again.

So, I have been having a bit of a test with a relatively new tool which acts like a canvas for you to plan out (and even analyse)  each and every step of a funnel. There is a free version that is pretty awesome.

Have a look at this video where I show you inside Funnelytics below and click this button to get your free account…

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  1. Excellent tool Barry. Just what I need

    • nigel on November 14, 2018 at 1:14 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Barry
    I’m working my way through your 21-day course.
    Does it make reference to ClickFunnels early on or am I mistaken?
    Kind regards

    1. I may mention it in passing but I don’t generally recommend Clickfunnels

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