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A Peek Into Charlie Wallace’s Funnel

The “learn guitar” niche is massive, passionate and lucrative. There are several guitar playing marketers crushing it in the various sub-niches – Tony Polecastro with acoustic guitar, Griff Hamlin with blues guitar and Charlie Wallace teaching rock guitar. All of these guys have something in common. They all provide an amazing amount of free value. …

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Two More Useful Free Tools!

I have come across a couple more tools – one is in beta and may be charged for later and one is totally free for Windows computers – that do some very useful stuff. So what I have done is make a video about them for you and I will drop the links below. OK…here …

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Surviving The Summer Slowdown

It’s that time of year again and, unless you dominate the beachball or mankini niches, you may well be taking a seasonal dip. And I don’t mean a dip in the warm, fishy-filled ocean. In common with most online marketers you will probably see a dip in email opens, email link clicks, blog visitors, opt-ins, …

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How to Live Video Stream On Facebook From a PC

I am sure you have seen people do live stream videos on Facebook using their mobile phones. I see loads of engagement with those live streams and people tell me that Facebook prioritize them in the news feed. But what if you don’t have a mobile phone (like me) or what if you want to …

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