DANGER! The Done-For-You Downfall

As you probably know, I like to create “done for you” offers.I have replicated funnels I use myself and offer them to people as their own.

I put in all the work putting them together and testing them. It is a no brainer to grab them for a few measly bucks when I bring one out.

The reason I love them is it can be a real shortcut to getting those first dollars coming in as well as a significant time saver for more experienced marketers.

But there is a serious downside to done for you offers…

Can you guess what that is?

Well, the there is the danger that, instead of getting people along the learning curve, it just bypasses the learning curve altogether instead.

You see, you do need to understand and be able to put your own offer funnels together (or whatever the done for you service is). All of the component parts working happily and congruently to deliver conversions and profits.

And how can you possibly learn how to do that if someone else is doing it for you?

Here’s the thing. The best done-for-you offers are the ones that leave the customer to actually make all of the “done for them” bits live and provide the building blocks to create their own.

That way, they are not only getting the massive shortcut but are also learning how it all bolts together.

That means they are learning. They can model that “done for you” thing and understand how to put their own together in the future. Or what they need to outsource if they don’t have time.

So the takeaway is…

If you see a “done for you” offer, it is always worth taking a serious look at. As I mentioned earlier, even if you are an experienced marketer, it can save you a bunch of time adding another good income stream into your business.

If you are a beginner, it can get you in the dollars quickly. BUT…take the time to explore and understand what you have. Treat it as a learning process as well as a shortcut to profits.

Done for you offers are fantastic. They offer immense value. Just don’t treat them as “the completely lazy option”.

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  1. I found you through a friend. You have a great reputation as being a smart internet marketer.
    Great post! I agree 100 percent that learning how it all works should be your focus. Outsource is great as well but must learn that as well. I am looking forward to following you and learning then action

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