Is Autoblogging Really Dead?

When ‘The Big G’ introduced its major algo changes a while back everyone said that it was the death of autoblogs.

Also, there has been an understandable backlash against certain marketers peddling weak autoblog WordPress plug ins as a complete ‘push one button and money drops from heaven’ systems.

The result of these two trends – people are stumped at how to create and manage multiple sites across various niches which is what is needed if you want to make money from advertising and/or affiliate sales.

So how to move forward? The clear thing is to give the search engines what they want. They want authority sites. Sites which have unique, useful and relevant content on the site. They also want to see sites being added to regularly. The way forward, then is to combine solid, unique content as a core and use the autoblogging method as a ‘news’ aspect adding to the authority of the site.

Here I will show how combining some awesome training with an awesome program will get you real results.

This is the system that Sean Donahoe exploits so well in his superb training ‘Extreme Niche Empires‘. Sean shows a live example of setting up an authority site from scratch and then automating it in a way that is Google friendly. The proof of his training is in the pudding…some students making five figures a month and other, new people who started since April already getting Google checks each month and Clickbank sales.

Although Sean gives a couple of plug ins he has had made and adapted to automate the sites, I feel there is a much better solution. It is a no-hype bit of software which has been around for a year or more but just keeps getting better and better.

This is Nick Carty’s ABS software. This is all you need to automate content across multiple blogs. When I say content I mean releveant full articles with images, releveant Amazon products, releveant Clickbank products, releveant Youtube videos, releveant Articles from Ezine and will even scedule PLR articles from your computer. All of this is done from a single interface on your desktop. You don’t need to individually log into every blog and update. It makes the whole process soooo easy.

If duplicate content is more of a worry to you than readability, then it will auto translate from and back to English. It will also auto translate articles written in other languages into English making them unique.

Very powerful. Very useful. Put the two together…Extreme Niche Empires and ABS and you realise that autoblogs are not dead. Just evolved.

Here are the links:

Extreme Niche Empires – Click out from the sales page twice to get a discounted price.

Nick Carty’s ABS software

Hope this is useful for you.


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  1. barry thanks for the information… as somebody who is getting in the trenches, and committed to finding effective google friendly ways to build solid content, i really appreciate this, and will definitely consider these products

  2. Unbelievably stupid. According to you the world should stop trying to sell their products and services and just concentrate on Adnonsense and scroogle traffic. A quick way to further ruin the damn economy. Google’s ass.

      • on August 19, 2011 at 9:18 am
      • Reply

      There are many ways to sell stuff, POed. Creating authority niche sites which attract traffic from search engines is just one way of finding customers. But, hey, if this sales model is not for you, go open a high street shop or a market stall. Those methods mostly work too.

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