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Andy Jenkins On Productivity

Yesterday, I heard the news that Andy Jenkins had died. I had followed him when I was new in this business and learned a lot from him. He was an extraordinary guy… His background was in film and movie production and had something to do with Haxan Films (that made The Blair Witch Project). He …

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Shoo-ing an Elephant Away

Today I want to shoo away an elephant that often appears in the room when we talk about product creation. What do you need if you want to have an online business selling digital products? Well, some digital products to sell, obviously. People often get stuck here.  Creating products sounds difficult, scary and time consuming. …

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How To Make Professional Online Funnels- For Free!

When folks get started in online sales and marketing, often they are doing so because they need more money. At that stage “starting a business” is not what they are thinking. The wonderful thing about online marketing is that it is easy to have a go at to see if you enjoy it and get …

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An Easy Way to Create “In Demand” Products

“It’s Just Too Bloody Difficult!” That is what someone said the other day in a Skype group. Can you guess what the discussion was about? Well, give yourself a choccie biscuit and a pat on the back if you guessed that it was product creation.   Most people get stuck for one reason….Overthinking it.   …

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[RANT] This Makes Me So Angry!

I know, I know… I should just take a chill pill and let this kind of thing just wash over me but I do get annoyed at how unprofessional people can be in this Internet Marketing space. People seem to be going out of their way to appear amateurish and are demonstrate a scant attention …

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Review – IM Product Launching By Kevin Fahey

Yesterday I did something a little different I wanted to do a review video of Kevin Fahey’s latest product “IM Product Launching”. It os a really superb product teaching all of the component parts of a successful product launch. I also wanted to test out a new webinar platform that I picked up lifetime access …

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